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Great support and clear procedures. My case was very complicated but the team was very open to close the deal.

Software Engineer

Series D Company, Bay Area
Great product for those C-level employees who joined late-stage where options exercises are expensive and could require a substantial cash investment otherwise upon leaving.

Executive VP Operations

Series B Company, New York
Friendly people who worked VERY quickly to make a deal in the last days of a possible stock exercise.

Engineering Team

Series D Company, Silicon Valley
Chris was great to work with. A straight shooter.

Operations Manager

Series A Company, Silicon Valley
The whole process was well thought out and communication and responsiveness was outstanding. And above it all, very trustful in such a delicate engagement.

Product Manager

Now Public Company, Silicon Valley
Super helpful, transparent and thoughtful. Made a complex, administratively daunting exercise straightforward and trustworthy, not to mention fast and a great deal. Ken Goldman was the best I could ask for in a trusted advisor.

VP Marketing

Series B Company, Silicon Valley
It's a very practical service & I have friends who are thinking about not changing jobs because they are locked into their stock options. Good companies, but it's just not optimal for ones career to stay everywhere for 4-6 years in tech.

Product & Engineering

2019 IPO Candidate, Silicon Valley